45 Richard Waller, Lieutenant in The Cromwellian conquest of Ireland (1649?53) which ended the Irish Confederate Wars 1641-1653. Richard had not been paid between Dec. 31, 1649 and July 13, 1651. In 1666 when the lands forfeited by the conquest were distributed, Richard was awarded Castle Cully (reduced by Cromwell) and its lands (near Newport, Tipperary, IR). He was unrelated to Sir Hardress Waller (c. 1604 to c. 1666), who had extensive lands in County Limerick, and his cousin  Sir William Waller, who were  senior officers in the Cromwellian conquest of Ireland and English parliamentarians of note. Richard I did not live in the "reduced" Casle Cully.
~ 1613-1688 (Note8)
m Dorothy (Note9)


46 Richard Waller 2nd
of Castle Cully, which he rebuilt as Castle Waller
m 1672 Elizabeth Redmond of Cully

3rd son

47 William Waller of Castle Waller
m 1700 Blanche Weeks of Kilbolane Co' Cork

an elder son 48? Edward Waller was the progenitor of the Manitoba Wallers

3rd son

48c Samuel Waller of Castlewaller, Newport, Tipperary; Barrister At Law.
1705 - 1762
m. 1730 Anne Jocelyn (1709 - 1800) Westminster, London, Eng.

4th son

49d George Waller[1]of Castle Waller, Newport, Tipperary, IR
1740 - 1833. He bought Prior Park in 1803.

His eldest brother 49a Robert started a line of Waller Baronets. The 6th onwards were/are resident in the USA. Please see USA Wallers

m1. 1782 Jane Gault
m2. 1801 Elizabeth Studdert, Kilkishen, Co. Clare, IR; dau. of George Studdert and Hannah Blood. ~1776? - 1869


18 Century Castle Waller


20th Century

50a Benjamin Waller (rev) Rossdroit, Co Wexford
b ?
d 1868

50b George Studdert Waller
Woodpark,  Nenagh, Co  Tipperary.
b 1804
d 1886
>>>>Wallers  of Wallarobba,NSW,  Australia.

50c Robert Waller  (Col) Bengal Horse  Artillery.
b 1808
d 1877
>>>>>>>Indian Army  Wallers (Boo etc)

When a Lieutenant he was a prisoner of Mohamed Akbar Khan during the 1st Afghan War (1840-42).

1st Afghan War

50d William  Thomas Waller
Prior Park,  Nenagh, Co  TipperaryWT and family
b 1811
d ?
m1 Eliza Augusta Guiness dau  of Rev Hosiah Guiness, eldest  son of Arthur Guiness, founder of the brewery
From left his sons, Robert Jocelyn, George Arthur, Edmund William, Francis Albert, I think?


51da George Arthur Waller, Chief Brewer and Chief  Engineer Arthur Guiness Son  & Co
Prior Park,  Nenagh, Co  Tipperary
b 1835
d 1923
m 1865 Sarah Atkinson
>>>>>Prior Park Wallers and Sanders
also 52xa Edward Guinness de Warrenne Waller
b. 14 October 1882,
emigrated to Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada to take up a post as a maltster in the Dominion Malting Co.
He died on 19 November 1970 in Maple Creek


53xaa Margaret Alice de W Waller b 23 October 1908.
53xab George Arthur de Warrenne Waller, b. 02 July 1910.
53xac James Howard de Warrenne Waller, Maltster and Managing Director of F.A.Waller & Co, Banagher, Co. Offaly, Ireland. (see 51dd & 53ddha )
b. 12 November 1914
d. January 1977, Banagher, Co. Offaly, Ireland.
54xaca Robert James de Warrenne Waller:
b. 10 July 1948.

51db Robert Jocelyn Waller, MD Nenagh Maltings,
Summerville, Nenagh, Co Tipperary
b 1837
d 1915
m1 Georgina  Andrews
>>>>>The Whites
m2 Amy Margaret  Saunders
>>>>>Rynskaheen  Wallers

51dc Edmund William Waller
Ardtona, Co  Dublin
b 1839
d 1894
m Mary Rowan

51dd Francis  Albert Waller MD Banagher Maltings,  (FA Waller  & Co Ltd)
Shannongrove,  Co Galway,  nr Banagher
b 1846
d 1892 drowned in Shannon
m Frances  Otway fannywaler


52dda Georgina Charlotte  Waller  (1873  - 1892) drowned  with her father

Elizabeth  Eva Waller (1875 -  1968)   Ennis
-kerry,  Co. Wicklow, IR
m 1898 Abraham Chatte

The Chatte


Selina Frances  Otway Waller  (1877 -  1919)   Dublin,  IR
m. Percy Watson
Georgina Watson
d in a nursing home in Dublin after a long residence

Elizabeth (Bess) Hannah Waller (1879 -  1963) Woodbridge,  Suffolk, England
m. 1902  Col. Jacynth  D'Ewes Fitz-Ercald  Coke d

a  Billy Coke  d
  a1 Hannah   Finlay
  a2 Selena   Cook
  a3 Nick Coke
  a4 John Coke
b Noreen Wade d
   b1 Seamus    Wade
   b2 Judy    Guard
c Barbara  Warburton 
d w.i.

Dorothy Waller  (1882 -  1915) m. Morgan   Franks

Caesar James Loftus Otway Waller  (1884 - 1950); Capt, RASC;

m1. 1909 Muriel  Bourne (?  - 1964) d

 1a  Pansy  Morgan  d
 1b  Peter Waller   d w.i.
 1c Binnie Brown d 

m2 1932  Margaret  Cawthorne  d

 2a Jim  Waller
 2b Richard   Waller
 2c John Waller

Katherine  de Warrenne Waller (1886 - 1958)
m 1914 Guy  Landon,  Capt. RFC

a Paddy Landon RAF d in WWII
b Val Landon

52ddh William  Hastings  de Warrenne Waller (1888 - 1971); AFC (1918),  WCmdr RAF, WWII 
m1.  1919 Gwendoline Lambert b ?
d 1929 w.i.
m2. 1930 Elizabeth  Hope Lambe  (1904-1988)
dau Henry Edward Lambe, Stalbridge, Dorset and Kenwyn, Truro,Cornwall



Albert Gregory Waller  (1890 - 1967); M.C. (1918) Major,  RFC;

m. 1920 Marjorie  Harrison, Cirencester, Gloucs.,   Eng.
a Jocelyn de Warrenne Waller (1921 died ?). Major
m. Veronica d ?
  a1 Hugh de Warrenne Waller  (1949 - )
m 1971 Helena Elizabeth Ingr:   a2 Phillipa Margaret  Waller (1950  - )
m 1972 Daniel Joseph John Mercer
  a3 Francis Oswald Waller  (1952 - )
  a4 Trinita Julie Waller  (1958 - )
  a5 Anne Veronica Waller  (1960 - )
  a6 Patrick Albert Dominic Waller

b Heath Cleeve
  b1 Mark d accident
  b2 Jayne Treseder d 2009 

c Oswald  Francis Waller (1928-

d Christopher  James Waller  (1934 - )
  d1 Sarah Vivian
  d2 Celia Herbert
  d3 Philippa Maher

53ddha Edward William de Warrenne Waller (1931-- ) OBE, (1980) ; Cmdr RN; Chairman F.A.Waller & CO, Banagher, Co. Offaly, Ireland.
m. 1966  Mary Hope Turner dau Joseph Turner, Southsea,  Hants, England
Ted Waller



53ddhb Elizabeth Jayne Harper (1934 -  ) m 1963  John Beatty Harper,  London,  Eng.



53ddhc Susan Hope Dalgety  (1937 - ) m. 1959  Alexander Thomas Dalgety, Leixlip, Co. Kildare, IR.



54ddhaa William Giles de Warrenne  Waller (1967-)
m 2000 Orla Bleahen-Melvin, Kilconnel, Co Galway  and Dublin


Esme Hope Waller  (2001-) b Dublin

55ddhaaa George Edward  de Warrenne Waller (2008-) b Dublin

Adam Francis Edward Waller (1973-)


53ddhba Tim  Harper
m  Fiona Mackenzie


53ddhbb Charles  Harper
m Sarah


53ddhbc Clare  Mowat
m Charles Mowat


Fiona  Henderson
m Charles Henderson


Johnny Dalgety
m Mandy Fry


Henry  Dalgety
m Francesca


David  Dalgety

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