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1a Tonantius Ferreolus
b ~390
m Syagria dau of Flavius Afranius Syagrius, Praetorian prefect of Italy. Consul in 382.

2a Tonantius Ferreolus of Rome ,
d >479
Praetorian Prefect of Gaul from 451-453, Honorary Consul 453, Senator  between 479 and ?
m Papianilla the elder of the Aviti
a relation of Papianilla the younger, who was a dau' of Eparchius Avitus , Emperor July 455 to Oct 456.
Papianella The Younger had married Sidonius Apollinaris
the writer of a letter describing visiting TF's Villa at Prusianum  near Bresis (on the river Gard in the area North-West of Ales in the region of Nimes and Arles). He also had estates at Rodez (some 10s of kms west of Bresis)

Historic Note:

In 395 Arles had become the seat of the Praetorian Prefecture of Gaul.
Attila invaded the Belgic Provinces of Gaul in 451 reached Orleans but was defeated, retreated and attacked Northern Italy in 452, but was halted by Pope Leo I (as wished by Emperor Valentinian III) and died in 453.

3a Tonantius Ferreolus b 440 d 517 Gallo-Roman Senator of Narbonne 479-517.
Tonantius married Industria of Narbonne, a daughter
of Flavius Probus, Senator of Rome.
He was based in Narbonne, but in 462 was living on the estates, at Prusianum,(near Bresis, north of Ales in the Gard Valley) of his father 2a Tonantius Ferreolus of Rome when Sidonius Apollinaris wrote about visiting him.

Historical Note:

In 462 Ricimer (de facto ruler of the remains of the Western Roman Empire) granted Septimania, including Narbonnensis, to the Visigoths of Aquitanica. Thus Narbonnensis was under Visigothic occupation from 462 until 507 when it fell under Ostrogothic rule after the Ostrogoths under Theoderic the Great had come to an arrangement with the Franks under Clovis I who had just defeated Alaric II at the battle of Vouille. (However, in 475, Euric, the Visigothic King, had ceded it back to the Emperor Julius Nepos' nominal rule, in exchange for full independence for the other Visigothic Lands; mostly Aquitanica.Julius Nepos, was the last  Western Roman Emperor sponsored by the Eastern Emperor).

son of 3a or 3ax

4a Ferreolus of Rodez (some 10s of kms west of Bresis)
b ~470
Gallo-Roman Senator of Narbonne.
m ~531 St Dode Abbess of Saint Pierre de Reims. She was a daughter of Chloderic.
One of the Kings of the Salian Franks murdered by Clovis I. By now Senator was just a family status (e.g. Gentleman) and the "of" indicated where he lived i.e in Narbonensis.

In 496 Clovis I and the Franks had conquered Moselle from the Alemanns.


natural son of 4a

5a Ansbertus Ferreolus Duke of Moselle
[Duke=Dux=Roman Army General, had often been a mercenary Frank].
His (step?)mother St Dode (see above) was a Frank.
b ~505
d ?
m Outeria of Moselle

son of 5a

6a Ansbertus/Ausbert Duke of Moselle,
Gallo-Roman "Senator"
b ~523
d ~570
m Blithildes/Bertha of Soissons/Toulouse
dau of Clothar, King of the Franks (2nd husband, 1st husband was
St Aethelbert of Kent)
In 531 Franks (Theoderic I) conquer the North Eastern part (Uzes area) of Septimania from Visigothic/Ostrogothic  alliance. Hence the Ferreoli who lived near Bresis in this area move/were removed to Trier in Austrasia.


Son of 6a

7a Erchenaud of Burgundy Duke of Alsace
b ~0546
d ?
m ?

8a Laetharius Aega/Ega the Major Domus
b ~0560
d ~0600
m Gerberga of Franconia
(mayor, or supervisor, of the household--superintendent>of the administration of numerous, often scattered, estates).
The Merovingian Kings appointed a Major Palatii (mayor of the palace) They had the power of the King, who became mostly a figurehead with the power of heredity.

9a. Erchembaldus the Major Domus
b ~ 0590
d 0661
m Leudefinda de Lorraine

10a Lendisius Bonifatius/Boniface Duke of Alsace
they were rulers in their own right, independent of the Kings in Francia.
b ~ 0625
d 0666
m ?

11a Aldarich/Adalrich/Eticho Duke of Alsace
b ~ 0645
d 20 Feb 0689/90
m Berswinde d'Austrasia

12a. Adalbert/us Duke of Alsace,
b ~ 0675
d 0720/22
m Gerlinde d'Aquitaine

13a. Luitfrid I, Duke of Alsace
b ~ 0707
d ~ 0750
m Edith

14a. Luitfrid II, Count of Upper Alsace
b ~ 0740
d 0780
m Hiltrude

Count of Upper Alsace15a Hugh of Tours Count of Upper Alsace
b ~ 0765
d ~ 0836/39
m (B)Ava, of Tours

dau of 15a

16ax. Adela/ide of Alsace and Tours
b ~ 819
d ? m (17v) Robert The Strong who gave rise to THE ROBERTIANS, THE CAPETS

son of 15a

16a Hugh Bourge

17a Torquat (Tortulfe) de RENNES

18a Tertulle the Breton, Count d'Anjou, Seneschal of the Gatinais (821-)
Petronille of Andech (15cx) Granddaughter of Charlemagne
see THE CAROLINGIAN connection

19a Ingelger I, Count of Anjou, Viscount of Orleans (845-893)
m Aelinde de Gatinais

20a Fulk I the Red, Count of Anjou,
Viscount of Angers (capital city of Anjou) (888-942)
m Roscille de Lochar (874-)

2nd son of 20a, 20g Aubri I, Count Of Gatinais

21a Fulk II Count of Anjou (died November 11, 958),
m Gerberge of Maine, daughter of
Herve' Count of Maine

22a Geoffrey I of Anjou (d. July 21, 987),
known as Grisegonelle ("Greymantle")
m Adele of Meaux (934–982),
daughter of Robert of Vermandois

23a Fulk III (972 – 21 June 1040),
called Nerra (that is, le Noir, "the Black")
m Hildegard of Sundgau

24a Geoffrey II Count of Anjou, b 1006
m 1032 Agnes of Aquitaine

no issue

dau of 23a

24ax Ermenegarde,
b 1018
d 21 Mar 1075
m in 1035
24g Geoffrey III, 5th Count of Gatinais thereby causing THE DE GATINAIS to inherit the title of Counts of Anjou
b ~ 1000
d 1 April 1046


25g Geoffrey III of Anjou, >called le Barbu ("the Bearded"), Count of Anjou
b 1039 d 1097

no issue

26g Fulk IV (1043-1109), called le Rechin,Count of Anjou, fought and succeeded 25g, his brother
m Bertrade de Montfort

27g Fulk V also known as Fulk the Younger,
b 1089
d November 13, 1143,
was Count of Anjou
from 1109 to 1129, and King of Jerusalem from 1131 to his death

m1 Ermengarde of Maine. m2 Melisende de Rethel,
Queen of Jerusalem


28g Geoffrey V d'Anjou
(1113-1151) 10th Count of Anjou
>>>>>>>>> The Plantagenets , one of whom was Hamelin Plantagenet who took the name de Warrenne from his wife, Isabel heiress of the Earls of Surrey.

28gb Baldwin III King of Jerusalem (1143-1162)


28gc Almaric I of Anjou King of Jerusalem (1162-1174)
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