General Guide to our descents & connections.

 I have shown the links between the families in our direct line of descent and the notable families connected to it in the chart at Descents. The important places mentioned are shown in the Maps or in the family pages.

Nobles of The Frankish Empire.

 The earliest of our traceable possible ancestors in the "Direct Male Line" are Nobles of The Frankish Empire.
Many genealogists claim that the supposed early Kings of the Franks (Marcomer, Pharamond etc) were mythical because the Franks claimed that they were related to a sea monster. However, there is some evidence from Roman Records that they were actual leaders of various tribes that later came together to form  the league of free men (the Franks). Tracing the line of descent through such leaders has proved impracticable. Thus the earliest of the direct male line, that I can trace without confusion is Flavius Richomeres (Richomer) b ~340, a Frankish "General" who came to prominence as the Comes domesticorum, of Emperors Gratian  & Valentinian II . His descendant [via the Counts of Hesbaye (Haspengau), a Count of Thurgau, Counts of Fezensac and the Vicomtes de Thouars] was Hugh Aimerie Thouars , later ordained Bishop of Coutances (Constantiensis) from (989-1025). He was a possible great grandfather of the 1st Earl Wiliam de Warenne

The Roman or Moselle Line

 One of the early female lines is shared with the direct line of the Angevins. It originates with Tonantius Ferreolus of Rome, (b~410--d?), Praetorian Prefect of Gaul. Then through the Dukes of Moselle and the Dukes of Alsace to the Robertians & Capets (ancestors of the kings of France) and Elizabeth de Vermandois wife of  William the 2nd Earl de Warrenne.

The Norse Ancestors

 In one of the early female lines our ancestors originated in the tribes from the north that invaded The Frankish Empire, In particular, the Norse ( who became the Normans) that invaded from the sea. The "Norse Line" runs from Halfdan Frodasson (~524 -- ~580 ), the first after the semi legendary descendants of Skjold, King of The Danes, that I can date with any accuracy, down to Beatrice de Vascoeuil b ~1004 who married Rodolf (Ralph) I de Warenne a putative grandfather of the 1st Earl de Warenne. I have also shown genealogies for some of the more interesting families to which we are connected. The chart shows these connections.

The Capet Connection

 The Capet Connection ascends from Elizabeth de Vermandois (b ~1081, d 13 February 1131, granddaughter of a Capet King, Henry I, of France, who married William de Warenne 2nd Earl of Surrey. It ascends via The Capetians, then The Robertians to join our Direct Male Line again. A notable fact on this line is that Robert the Strong (b ~820) who married Adela/ide of Alsace and Tours b ~819 was a descendent of Tonantius Ferreolus of Rome, (b~410--d?) Praetorian Prefect of Gaul, via the Dukes of Moselle, Dukes of Alsace & Counts of Upper Alsace.

The Plantagenet Connection

The Plantagenet Connection carries on down from Adela's father Hugh of Tours , Count of Upper Alsace b ~ 0765, until Tertulle the Breton (lived 821-?)who was awarded Count of Anjou after marrying Petronille of Andech, a granddaughter of Charlemagne's. This Line than descends to Ermenegarde, b 1018, who married Geoffrey II FerreolCount of Gatinais b ~ 1000 , which family thus inherited the County of Anjou. These Angevins (Gatinaise) gave rise to the Plantagenets and via Hamelin Plantagenet the later de Warenne Earls of Surrey, whom some believe to be the ancestors of the Poynton Warrens, but this is a "may be" and I have examined (Note n2.3) this family assertion. My researches lead me to believe, however,that the Poynton Warrens descend from a junior branch of the de Warrenne family and that the Irish Wallers do indeed descend from the Poynton Warrens . I have examined options for the missing link between the Poynton Warrens and the Bassingbourn Waller alias Warrens.


Entities governed by our ancestors


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