Frankish Ancestry of The Tipperary Wallers (The Direct Male Line)

1. Flavius Richomeres (Richomer); a Salian Frank,
Comes domesticorum
 of Emperors Gratian & Valentinian II 
in ~ 377, Senior Ordinary Consul in 384,
comes et magister utriusque militiae (388-393) in the Eastern Prefecture under Theodosius I
b ~340
d ~393 

m Aescyla

During the reign of the Emperor Arcadius, the practice of employing Barbarians in senior Army positions ceased. In earlier times Theudemer might well have risen to be a General in his father's footsteps but he became just a King of a polity in a Federated Kingdom.

2,Theudemeres (Theodosius [in honour of the Byzantine Emperor],Theudemer)  King of The'rouanne (Northern Pas De Calais) in a Federated "Kingdom"
of the Roman Empire
b 374
m  Ble'sinde de Cologne
d 414

Britain left the Roman Empire in Theudemeres reign see here

3 Clodion (Clodius, Claudius)
King of the Salian Franks
b ~389
m ? 
d ~447

1st son of 3

4? Merovius/Merovech (Hence Merovingian Dynasty) "means Sea Dragon",
King of the Salian Franks
m Vaerica Chlodeswinthe
b ~411
d ~458

5 Childeric I King of the Salian Franks
b ~436
d 24 Nov 481
m Basina De Thuringia

6 Clovis I King of  the Salian Franks b ~465
d 27 Nov 511
m Chrotechilde/Clotilda/Clothilde Of Burgundy

7 Chlot(h)ar I King of the Soissons Franks
b ~497
d 561
m1 Guntheuca
m2 Radegonde/Haragonde of Thuringia, later a nun and canonized a Saint in the 9th century.
m3 Ingonde
m4 Aregund
m5 Chunsina
c6 Concubine ( name unknown)
m7 Wuldetrada,

??? natural son with c6? Please see note 2.1 in Doubts page

8 Charibert, a nobleman from Hesbaye
b ~555
d 632
m Wulfgurd of Paris

9 Chrodobertus/Robert I , a nobleman from Hesbaye
b ~580
d ~630

10 Lambert I, nobleman from Hesbaye
Referendarius (Chancellor) of Neustria
m Adele de MEAUX
b ~630
d ~659

11 Chrodobertus/ Robert II, nobleman from Hesbaye
Major Domus of Neustria
b ~633
d ~678
Arms of Hesbaye

12 Lambert II Count of Haspengau /Hesbaye see brown area on Map A  on right
b ~674
d ~725
m Clothilde/Chrotlind
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Jocelyn Family

13 Robert I Count Worm(s)gau (after marriage), of Haspengau /Hesbaye and Count of Upper Rhine.
m Williswint (Heiress) of Wormsgau see dark blue area on Map A
whose 2nd husband was Wialdruth of TOULOUSE
b ~700
d ~750

14 Guerin (Thuringbert) Count of Thurgau
b ~723 in Worms, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
d 20 May 772

15 Bouchard de Hesbaye, Constable of CORSICA
b ~ 754
d ~ 811
his elder brother
15v Robert II of Worms (Rutpert II Count of Wormgau) gave rise to the Robertians and thence the Capets see orange area on Map A
>>>>>>>Robertians & Capets

16 Aubri the Burgundian Count of Fezensacarms of Fezensac see light blue area on Map A
b ~ 770
d ~ 801

17 Bouchard de Fezensac
b ~800
d ~876
m Bava de Thouars
Thouars in Aquitaine had been destroyed by Pepin King of France in 762

18 Geoffrey de Fezensac, 1st Vicomte de Thouarsaerms of Thouars
Viscunt of Orleans
b ~830 Thouars see yellow town on Map A
d ~876
Inherited Thouars from his mother.

younger brother of 18, inheritance of title from a brother is rare but is found amongst this line of Viscounts.

19 Aimery (Amauri)(Almaric) I, 2nd Vicomte de Thouars,
b ~855

20 Aimerie II (Vicomte) de THOUARS
b ~885
d ~956

21 Herbert (Vicomte) de THOUARS
b ~922
d ~988

22 Saveric (Savary)
Vicomte de Thouars
an ancestor of Viscount Aimerie IV,
a companion of William I's at Hastings
b ~947
d ~1007

son of 22m2

23 Hugh (Hugues) Aimerie de Thouars? or Hugh de Normandie? 
may have been Bishop of Coutances. May not have been the father of 25 Rodolf I, see note 2.2 The lists have gaps between the city's destruction by the Vikings and the rebuilding of the cathedral in ~ 1025 during this gap the Bishops were based in Rouen. A History of Normandy before the 17th century
b ~995
d ~1025
m Beatrice de Torta dau of Rodolf de Torta who repaired the fortifications of Rouen from the dismantling of
monastries by the Seine River

son  (please see para 2.2 of Doubts)

24 Raoul/Rodolf/Ralph I,
b ~984
m Beatrice de Vascoeuil
b ~982
He had land outside the walls of Rouen, at Vascoeuil, & in the pays de Caux. Map F
The cartulary of the abbey of St. Amand contains a record, proving the identity of Roger, son of the bishop, and that of his brother Ralph, as sons of Hugh, bishop of Coutances.

2nd son of 24

25 Raoul/Rodolf/Ralph II de Varenne
he did not inherit the Rouen and Vascoueil lands but those in the Eastern part of of his father's lands in the
Pays de Caux, roughly from St Valery to the far edge of the Forest de Arques then up the eastern side of the valley of the River Varenne where the chalk of the Caux gives way to the clay of the Bray. Bought land and built a castle at Bellencombre by the river upstream of Varenne village.
b ~998
d ~1074
m2 Emma a person known from a charter
signed by William the Bastard/Conqueror in 1059
Emma may have been Emma de St Martin de Varenne, Rodolf's 2nd cousin. Dau' of Walter de St Martin de Varenne. This may be a source of the supposition in several genealogies
that William, 1st Earl de Warenne's father was Walter de St Martin.

<<<<<<De Courcy & Carolingian connection

2nd son of 26

26 William de Warren, 1st Earl de Warren,
1st Earl of Surrey
b ~1030 Bellencombre,
d 1088, mortally wounded at siege of Pevensey
Castle In 1088

some say his father was Hugh De Normandy (Hugh d'Eu)?
Birth 1000  Cleuville, Haute Normandy, Bishop of Lisieux This is the less likely of the options. Please see Doubts para 2.2B


William de Warren was made Constable of Arques castle after he joined William The Conqueror in capturing this Castle.
His putative brother Rodolf III inherited most of the Pays de Caux lands of 25 Raoul/Rodolf/Ralph II.
The lands along the River Varenne may have been given to William de W(V)arenne by William II, 7th Count, 5th Duke of Normandy, The Conqueror, while he was Constable of Arques and he may have been the first to call himself de W(V)arren(ne).
He built a Castle at Bellencombre in the SE of his lands
(to protect against the French King Henry I?),
which became his normal residence until he joined his distant? or 3rd? cousin William the Conqueror at the battle of Hastings.
He was awarded or conquered vast holdings in England and Normandy, on which the family subsequently built or acquired several castles and Abbeys (illustrations on the right).
Gundred sister of Gerbod The Fleming Earl of Chester

Our direct line continues through the de Warrennes and Poynton Warrens

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MAP A Fiefdoms of Ancestors


MAP B Settlement in Normandy

Settlement in Normandy

Arques Castle

Arques Castle

Bellencombre Castle in 1832

Bellencombre Castle 1832

William 1st Earl de Warrenne

William 1st Earl

De Warenne Castles& Abbes

DEW Castles



Castle Acre Castle

Castle Acre








Mortemer Abbey (Normandy)

Mortemer Abbey



Castle Acre Priory

Castle Acre Priory